Faith Action Helps U.S. Census Reach 99.9% of Hawaii Households

In the recently ended 2020 Census, Hawaii is among a dozen states which reached 99.9% of their households.  This is great news!

For the next 10 years, this count will determine how much funding Hawaii will receive for critical federal programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, food assistance, housing vouchers, roads, transportation upgrades, medical and emergency services, etc.  It also determines how many representatives will represent Hawaii in the U.S. Congress.

Between April and October, Faith Action conscientiously did its part to spread the importance of the Census and information on how to be counted.

Faith Action solicited grants from Faith in Public Life and the Hawaii Community Foundation which enabled our members and staff to do the following:

Visit churches and community groups with large numbers of “undercounted” populations—immigrants, Pacific Islanders, and non-English speakers

Distribute translated flyers at The Legal Clinic for immigrants

Hold workshops at cultural societies in China town

Create a PSA video on how to take the Census and share it with all FA members; and •Commission Pastor Kachusy Silander of Shechem United Church of Christ to mobilize his church members, to translate materials into Chuukese and post them on Facebook, and also reach out to other Micronesian churches.  

Thank you, all, for your support in this endeavor!

IMPORTANT Faith Action Announcements: 1. It’s time for Election of Officers: President, Vice-president of Laity, Vice-president of Clergy, Secretary, Treasurer, two directors-at-large. Nominations are open until Nov. 13. Contact Ashleigh Loa, Executive Director of Faith Action:

2. Be a part of decisions.  Attend Task Force meetings of choice to share your voice. Legislative packages for Task Forces  (Housing, Environmental Justice, Long-Term Care) Meeting information is sent out to unit reps every Monday.

3. Next Steering Committee meeting at beginning of Dec. TBA,  via Zoom

4. Next Delegated Council meeting:  Saturday, December 19, 2020,  9:30-11:30 AM, via Zoom

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